Chimney Flashing

Chimney Flashing Repair and Installation

Contractors constructed your chimney with sufficient protection around all vulnerable areas where water damage could happen. The protective products are called flashing, and the flashing provides a supplemental layer of protection at points where the chimney and roof lines meet. The installation involves overlapping the stainless steel products in extra layers to meet the demands of the structure.

The flashing could also be constructed of copper or aluminum, and it is fitted to lie flush with the chimney. Contractors often add urethane caulking to seal the flashing and create a more waterproof barrier around the chimney edges.
As the flashing performs its function, conditions such as the structure settling, pests, and severe storms can present some problem areas. Even if the problem is minor, it should be addressed quickly before it grows into a more costly issue that could threaten your budget.

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Some Common Flashing Repairs Include:
  • Missing Flashing. Flashing that is missing altogether must be replaced promptly to provide the required level of protection for the chimney and connecting installations. The installations could become loose or displaced during severe storms and high winds. Once the flashing is out of place, the chimney is at risk of major water and structural damage. It is paramount that you set up repair services promptly to lower the risk of additional damage.
  • Corrosion. Corroded metal that leads to rust and holes in the flashing could present serious risks to the property and the chimney. Over time, metal flashing can be compromised because of exposure to the elements, and the climate in your local area is a contributing factor to the damage. If you see any signs of corrosion or rust on your chimney flashing, report it to your dedicated service provider and have it replaced. Corrosion can spread to other metal fixtures and compromise more surface area, including your roofing. If you have a metal roof, the rust could take it over as well.
  • Decay and Openings. Decay and openings in the flashing present a recipe for disaster, and it will present you with additional damage. At any sign of decay, the flashing must be replaced.
  • Damaged Caulking. Caulking that is worn and no longer sealing the chimney must be replaced to present a waterproof barrier around the edges of the chimney. Our technicians can replace the barrier to seal the chimney for you.
  • Wide Open Spaces. Open gaps where the caulking was installed could present a risk of not just damage, but they can offer an entry point for pests and other critters.

Each of these problems requires fast action, and it is imperative that you set up chimney repairs as soon as you notice these issues to prevent them from expanding and affecting surrounding areas.

We Can Repair or Install Your Flashing Correctly!

Our certified chimney technicians will inspect the flashing around the chimney and report all problems to you. These issues may be contributing factors to leaks and further chimney or fireplace damage.

​We can correct the damage and replace the flashing quickly to minimize the creation of new problems and protect the structural integrity of the chimney.

​Since all chimneys are unique, the steps we take to repair the chimney and replace the flashing will be unique, too. We provide custom installations for flashing to meet all the needs of your chimney.

We are experienced in replacing flashing and repairing chimneys. We understand all the requirements for the job and will ensure all processes are completed to the best of our abilities. Our technicians will evaluate the new installation, and we guarantee all our services.
Flashing Is Just One Area That Could Cause a Chimney Leak
The flashing is not the only culprit that could cause a chimney leak, although it is the most common. Chimney caps, crowns dampers, and the lining could present risks that lead to leaks.

​We recommend waterproofing these areas with adequate sealants to provide lasting protection against water leaks. Our team of professionals can provide superior services and ensure the sealant remains in place for many years.


We are chimney experts and we offer high-quality services and products every time. Prime Chimney Repair serves our clients in the greater Vancouver area, and we strive to provide only the best services and products for every client. Having completed many successful installations and repairs, we want to share our high-quality craftsmanship with you. To learn more about our chimney services, contact us now and set up an appointment!
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