Chimney Rebuild and Installation

Chimney Rebuilds, Renovations, and Restorations

We have lots of experience providing routine maintenance and chimney repairs to our customers. We can provide assistance for complex chimney services, and we are trained to complete masonry restorations for historic homes and properties that have landmark status. Our team can rebuild a chimney from scratch to look exactly like the original structure and help you restore an older property correctly.

Does Your Chimney Need to Be Rebuilt, Renovated, or Restored?
Do you see any signs of leaks, aesthetic issues, or unpleasant odors coming from your chimney? Any of these conditions could present you with chimney problems that require fast repairs or restoration services.

Our highly skilled technicians can investigate the interior and exterior of the chimney to find all problem areas and correct them quickly. We offer services to improve the functionality of the chimney and make it more efficient.

Our inspections are thorough to get a better view of the inside of the chimney.
Regardless of the issue, we can provide high-quality work to restore the structural integrity and functionality of your chimney. We can provide a beautiful installation that brings more aesthetic value to your home.

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Historic Homes Are Our Specialty

Chimney Rebuild and Installation

We appreciate the rare beauty of historic and landmark properties as much as anyone in the city. We specialize in restoration efforts for chimneys and rebuild the structures according to the original designs.

Prime Chimney Repair wants to give owners of these beautiful homes the timeless look that their homes once had and recreate the rarity of the concepts to make the properties unique and unforgettable. We improve the structural integrity of the chimneys and make them safer for the property owners. When buying a historic home, it is difficult to determine if all previous owners maintained the property appropriately.

Chimney Rebuild and Installation
Chimneys are a common element of older homes that go unserviced and mismanaged. After many years of exposure to the elements, chimneys could become severely damaged, and a closer look could reveal a variety of problems that may prove costly to the owners. In addition, a closer look uncovers hazards that could present health and safety risks when operating the fireplace.

We make it our mission to restore and rebuild the chimneys and provide better functionality and style for all historic homeowners. Our team is committed to creating the best chimney for your property and giving you the best services to ensure a safe and elegant chimney.

We Can Rebuild Your Chimney

Existing chimney issues may require a complete rebuild of the chimney to restore its structure and functionality. We have many decades of experience restoring and rebuilding these elegant structures and take pride in all our work. We can provide customers with images of our past work and show you the high-quality end results we provide to all our customers throughout our service areas.

Why You Should Hire Us

In our experience, we have restored and rebuilt a large number of historic properties and recreated the rare beauty that comes only from an older home. We give it our all, and our team is here to meet all your home’s chimney needs. To learn more about our services at Prime Chimney Repair, contact us right now for further details!
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