Chimney Repair

Property owners never look forward to any home maintenance chores, and chimney maintenance or chimney repairs are no exception. Many owners hope that their property remains structurally sound throughout the years and hope not to find any major problems, but this is a pipe dream and not the reality.

Chimney repairs are a must even when minimal damage occurs, and if they aren’t fixed quickly, the damage could spread and present the homeowner with high repair costs and serious structural defects. Even with a high-quality, well-built chimney, there will be conditions that warrant the attention of a chimney repair, such as when you have a chimney leak.
Chimney Repair
Chimney Repair in Vancouver

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A Quick Fix Could Cost You Much More!

Chimney Repair in Vancouver

A quick fix is never the answer to even a simple chimney issue, and a patch-up work is not a long-term chimney repair option. Property owners that opt for the quick fix are basically ignoring the bigger picture, and they could find worse problems occur in the future.

A neglected chimney could lead to damage to the flue or even to the fireplace itself. A patch is great for a few weeks, but homeowners need a more lasting solution that improves the durability of their chimney and fireplace. In the long run, the inexpensive fast fix will cost the property owner far more and the chimney damage will be greater.

Chimney Damages Require Specialized Repairs

Masonry, factory-built fireplace flues, wood stoves, and gas appliance flues are all unique in their construction and require specialized needs when they are repaired or restored. We have seen numerous issues with each of these installations that are more common than you would think.

Lighting striking during a storm, a sudden leak, or other damage could compromise the structural integrity of the chimneys and prevent them from functioning properly. Sadly, many property owners do not discover the issues until it is too late, and the damage has spread.

Our skilled technicians can explain everything you need to know about these installations, including routine maintenance tasks and restoration efforts. We can provide every client with expert advice on ways to repair the chimneys and get the most value from them. Below are the most common repairs for chimneys.

Cap Replacement Services

The purpose of a chimney cap is to block rainwater and animals that could enter the chimney or fireplace. The installation could keep out all these unwanted creatures and protect your products and home from serious damage. Our recommendation is a stainless steel cap that offers a spark arrestor. The design provides protection against rainwater and pests, and it is coated to keep corrosion at bay.

Crown Cap Installations

The crown cap acts as a roof for the chimney, and it is constructed of cement and connected to masonry work. Its purpose is to keep debris out of the chimney and maintain its structural integrity.

​A crown cap can prevent rain from entering the flue tiles and provide greater protection for the chimney and fireplace.

Masonry Chimney Repair

Brick and mortar are still in use when creating chimneys, and the brick chimney design can withstand the elements and severe storms. Over time, it could require tuckpointing to repair deteriorated mortar and displaced bricks. If the damage is widespread, you will need a complete chimney rebuild to restore the installation. Our certified contractors offer fast and high-quality chimney repair services.

Waterproofing Services for Chimneys

Ice and snow could be major problems during the winter months, and your chimney may need waterproofing services to protect the chimney and fireplace.

​Our full-service options will keep your chimney and fireplace safe from the elements and lower the risk of water damage. Water in the chimney or your home increases the risk of mold and mildew.

Flashing Installation Services

Flashing is vital to a chimney and prevents water from entering your property during storms. It must be installed around all connecting points between the chimney and the roof. Caulking is applied after the flashing is in place to provide a waterproof barrier around the chimney. If the flashing becomes displaced, it’s time to contact us for repair services.

Servicing the Greater Vancouver area!

It is crucial for you to maintain your chimney and fireplace. We perform chimney repairs, routine maintenance, and chimney rebuilds for property owners throughout our metro Vancouver service area. Chimney repairs are vital to providing a safe and structurally sound home. We offer a variety of chimney services for wood-burning and gas fireplaces. To learn more about what we can do for you, contact us now!


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