Chimney Sweeping ​and Cleaning

Chimney Sweeping ​and Cleaning

If you use a fireplace or a wood stove to heat your house or improve its ambiance, you need to have your chimney cleaned at least once a year. Working with expert chimney cleaners guarantees that every step of the process will be performed correctly. Call to request a quote today.

Understanding the Basics of Chimney Systems

Every fireplace, whether it’s used for traditional wood fires or to house a gas-burning appliance, has a chimney. The chimney’s purpose is to vent exhaust fumes and smoke outside your home and to draw in fresh air for a hot, healthy fire.
The parts of your chimney system include:

  •  A firebox and grate
  • The lintel area
  • A fireplace damper
  • A smoke shelf and chamber
  • The fireplace flue tiles

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Each of these basics pieces of the fireplace and chimney system must function as intended if you want to keep your home both warm and safe. Even one minor failure can place the home at risk for a chimney fire and increase the potential that your family will be exposed to toxic carbon monoxide gas.

​Some homeowners give little thought to their chimneys unless it’s clear that there’s something wrong, but that’s a mistake. You should schedule a chimney cleaning and inspection at least once a year to remove creosote buildup and get everything back into good working order, regardless of how often you use your fireplace or woodstove.

Why You Need to Clean Your Chimney

Chimney Sweeping ​and Cleaning

A professional chimney sweep removes creosote and soot before they can block the airflow in your flue.

Creosote buildup is responsible for causing hundreds of chimney fires every year, and a flue that’s covered with built-up creosote and soot can also push dangerous carbon monoxide gas back into your home.

How Much Does Chimney Sweeping Cost?

Chimney Sweeping ​and Cleaning
The cost of cleaning a chimney varies, but the average amount homeowners spend on hiring a chimney sweep is between $150 and $250.
​The factors that influence how much it costs to clean a chimney include where you live, when you schedule your cleaning and inspection, and what type of fireplace and chimney you have.

The best way to get an accurate quote is to call us.

We’ll ask a few simple questions, such as whether you have a wood-burning or gas-burning system, whether you use a fireplace or an enclosed stove, and whether you have a prefabricated chimney or a masonry model. Once we’ve gotten this basic information, we can offer you a detailed, accurate quote.

Chimney sweeping can feel like a hassle, but you can’t ignore this vital home maintenance task. Here’s why:

1. Chimney Sweeping Improves Performance
As you use your wood stove or fireplace, it causes creosote and soot to build up on the inside of your chimney flue. The coating makes the flue smaller, reducing draft and flow and increasing the chances that smoke will backdraft into your home. There are few things more frustrating than a smoky fireplace, but routine chimney cleaning can help to prevent this annoyance.

2. Chimney Cleaning Can Prevent Flue Fires
Regular fireplace and chimney flue maintenance help to keep your family safe. It can prevent potentially dangerous flue fires from occurring and spreading into your home.

3. Protect Your Family From Carbon Monoxide
All chimneys can push carbon monoxide back into a home, but those that are not cleaned regularly are much more prone to dangerous and potentially fatal exhaust issues. Whether you have a traditional wood fireplace or gas appliances, you should schedule an annual inspection and cleaning every year to protect your family.

4. Eliminate Unpleasant Odors
Have you been wondering why your living room smells like an outdoor campfire? If so, it’s time to schedule chimney cleaning to reduce those unpleasant odors. A clean chimney leads to a fresher-smelling home.

5. Remove Creosote and Debris
Creosote is extremely flammable. The buildup of this material on chimney flues is what leads to chimney fires. Unfortunately, burning wood always produces creosote. While you can’t avoid producing creosote, you can minimize its buildup by scheduling routine chimney sweeping.

6. Prevent Animal Entries
During every chimney sweep, we perform a comprehensive inspection. If we see any signs of critters entering your home through its chimney, we can suggest appropriate solutions such as performing repairs or installing a new chimney cap.

7. Extend Your Chimney’s Longevity
A well-maintained chimney can last for many decades and increase the value of your home. Scheduling annual inspections and cleanings reduces the need for expensive chimney repairs and helps your flue last as long as possible.

8. Increase Your Peace of Mind
You shouldn’t have to worry about whether keeping your home warm is placing your family at risk. Scheduling routine chimney sweeps and maintenance will ensure that your fireplace and flue are in good working order so that you can sit back and relax in front of the fire instead of worrying about whether it could pose a danger to your family.

Call Us for All Your Chimney Maintenance Needs

Whether you have a masonry chimney attached to a large wood-burning fireplace or a prefabricated system installed in conjunction with a gas-burning stove, you need experts on your team who can help with all your chimney maintenance needs. Local Greater Vancouver families rely on our chimney sweep services, so you can trust us to remove every bit of creosote from your chimney and inspect every part so you’ll have the peace of mind you deserve going into winter.

When it’s time to have your chimney cleaned, call Prime Chimney Repair!

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