Chimney Tuck Pointing, Repointing, and Spalling

Masonry Chimney Repointing, Tuckpointing, and Spalling

Masonry chimneys, like most masonry work, are constructed to last for many decades. Chimneys are created from a combination of stone, concrete, brick, mortar, and cast iron. The masonry work consists of the strongest materials that provide durability, strength, beauty, functionality, and heightened longevity.

Swelling and shrinking of the masonry chimneys could present some damage because of the elements. The elements could take a serious toll on the installations, and it doesn’t matter how well the chimney was constructed.

Over time, deterioration of the masonry work will happen, and property owners will find cracks, chips, and flaking of the concrete. At the first signs of these problems, hire a professional service provider to correct the damage and improve the functionality of the chimney quickly.

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What Is Repointing or Tuckpointing?

Repointing or tuckpointing is a complex process that eliminates all deteriorated and damaged mortar from the chimney and surrounding areas.

​Our technicians replace the damaged sections to restore the chimney to its previous condition. The process restores the original construction design and improves its functionality.

What Is Spalling?

Signs of flaking, chips, or damaged concrete on the chimney or surrounding areas require fast spalling services. Rainwater and snow are the most common culprits that cause the damage. In winter, the rain or snow could refreeze after penetrating the chimney’s surface. The spread of the rain or snow causes pressure build-up underneath the chimney’s masonry work resulting in spalling. Our professional technicians know how important it is to correct spalling and any deterioration of the chimney and surrounding masonry.

Brick, concrete, or joints that have deteriorated on the chimney or around it compromise the integrity of the chimney and its materials. Inadequate protection for the chimney allows water to invade the chimney and cause widespread damage.
Fast and high-quality repairs are a must, so schedule repairs to improve the functionality of the chimney and give you long-lasting results. By correcting the damage fast, you avoid more costly repairs and restore the chimney fully. Proper repairs also help you avoid a major chimney rebuild later.

We know how important it is to hire a professional to complete these services. High-quality repairs are a must, and while it may look easy to correct the damage on your own, it is not wise to take on the tasks without professional assistance.
By hiring Prime Chimney Repair, you get all the complex repairs completed correctly the first time, and you won’t have to worry about inferior repairs or materials. We understand which repair methods are needed for each chimney and won’t make mistakes that could cost you more later. We also restore historic properties that need time and attention to detail.
Improper repointing could lead to more complexities and make the chimney aesthetically displeasing. It can also result in more damage that could be dangerous to you and the structural integrity of your chimney and property.

We understand how important it is to choose the correct materials when restoring historic homes. The materials used in the older homes are not the same as those commonly used today, and we understand how important it is to use the best materials to restore the chimney and complete the repairs correctly.

Modern-day brick is much harder than the materials used in older properties. Historic homes have a lime-based mortar and must be restored with the appropriate materials. Adding the wrong masonry work could lead to more complex issues later and cause additional damage. If the original materials aren’t available, our technicians understand how to combine the best of today’s materials with original products from centuries ago.

Property owners should avoid inferior repair services that provide improper repairs. The right repair service providers understand that new materials must expand and contract after the installation and, if repair services do not allow these events, they could create more problems later on.

We are highly skilled, and we know what materials to use each time when completing chimney repairs and restoration services. We have been rebuilding chimneys for modern-day and historic homes for over 12 years and can complete proper repointing and masonry repairs to ensure the chimney remains structurally sound and beautiful.

​If you notice the signs of spalling, it is time to contact Prime Chimney Repair and let our team complete the necessary repairs and restoration services. With regular chimney repairs and inspections, we can provide you with high-quality repairs and services.

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