Rain Cap Installation

Chimney rain caps are a necessary installation for all property owners to block animals and water, and the new installations can provide better protection for their properties. The products are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles for commercial, residential, and industrial properties.

Rain Cap Installation

Custom Chimney Caps

Some of these products are designed specifically for controlling smoke and drafts that could enter the space and cause structural problems or health hazards. Our technicians provide these products for all owners and offer customized stainless steel caps for heightened protection.

The elements could present serious risks to the chimney, the fireplace, and the property itself. Rain and snow are common culprits causing chimney damage, and animals and other pests could become a major problem for the property owner and their property.

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The Need for Better Protection

Without adequate protection, animals, rodents, and insects could use the chimney and fireplace as an entry point for the property. Animal droppings and waste products in the chimney present a serious health for the owner, their family, or any workers. A chimney cap is the perfect solution for blocking unwanted pests and elements that cause property damage.

What You Need to Know About Animals and Pests

Without a chimney cap, rats, insects, and small animals could get into the chimney and the fireplace, and they could find their way into the property. Not only do animal droppings present a serious risk to people, but wildlife could increase the risk of personal injuries.

​Raccoons are small enough to get through the structures, and some raccoons have rabies. The sudden visitor could present a serious risk to the owner, their family, their pets, or any workers in a commercial or industrial building.

Having raccoons, squirrels, other small mammals, birds, or insects take up residence and start nesting in or near your chimney is a major problem. Avoid needing to call animal control services (and a major headache) with a chimney cap that protects your property and keeps critters out for good.

Custom Chimney Caps
Mold and Mildew
Without a rain cap, rainwater will run down the unprotected chimney and spread throughout the fireplace. A major water leak flowing into the property presents a number of issues, including the growth of mold and mildew. Moisture in the flue increases the risk of mold and mildew and allows them to spread throughout the entire structure.
Once mold and mildew develop in the chimney and upper levels of the home, they spread like wildfire, and the owner will need to set up mold and mildew remediation services. The services will be costly and may require the property owner to vacate the premises until all mold and mildew have been removed from the building.
The complexities of the services will require the owner to hire additional professionals to treat the home, and they will have to remove all building materials affected by the environmental developments. We can manage the removal of mold from the chimney, but further services will be needed to correct the damage.
Rain Cap Installation
When Moisture Spreads
This damages the bricks and mortar that create the chimney, the fireplace, and the surrounding areas of the property. Moisture and rainwater could flow into the attic, ceilings, and the walls of the property. This leads to serious property damage and hundreds of dollars in repairs.

Excessive moisture in surrounding building materials compromises all the building materials. It could cause the attic or ceiling to collapse, and this presents not only a risk of serious property damage but can present the risk of personal injuries for the owner and anyone inside the property. Business owners could see an increase in worker’s compensation claims if they do not act quickly enough to prevent on-the-job accidents.
Rain Cap Installation
The Dangers of Downdrafts
Windy days could present a risk of smoke flowing back into the property, and smoke from a wood-burning fireplace presents the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Downdrafts are a serious risk to the owner, and a chimney cap is necessary to stop the smoke and other chemicals from re-entering the property.

Without the installation, the owner could succumb to the effects of smoke and dangerous gases flowing back into their property. A homeowner is at a greater risk if they do not have a carbon monoxide detector near their fireplace.

By installing the new cap, downdrafts will never become a problem for property owners or others inside their properties.
Rain Cap Installation

Why You Should Hire Us​

Our team of chimney experts understands the importance of installing a chimney cap and how it can protect the property, chimney, and the fireplace. Our company can install the products properly and ensure the highest quality possible. Prime Chimney Repair can eliminate all the problem areas and inspect the full chimney and structures. To learn more about the installations, contact us today for a free appointment!
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